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The (Big) Google Deal: Let’s talk business

The UK media has been more polarised than ever before, with right wing rags attempting to somewhat gloss over the recent deal between Chancellor George Osbourne and Google, and with left wing broad sheets positively ripping him, and the deal, apart. Yet with austerity showing no signs of abating, and with other political winds still raging around the so-called bedroom tax and benefit reductions, this is one political hot potato Read More

New Pension Rules and Their Tax Implications

  The UK Government has introduced a new model for re-structuring pension rules, mainly concerned with the taxation of pension bills. The new pension rules are to be implemented by April, next year, and in the words of George Osborne, under new pension rules pensioners will have more liberty to make decisions regarding the use of their pension money. Under the existing model that defines pension laws in the UK, Read More

Sole trader vs limited company for start ups

Starting a business in itself is already quite a huge undertaking. Selecting the perfect business structure is no easy task either. You have to weigh the pros and cons of both approaches and pick whichever one fits your personal preference. Some people choose to be a sole trader to avoid all the red tapes and paperwork of being a limited company. If you are one of those who are still Read More